Our goal at Cross Therapy Services, LTD, is simple–we are dedicated to providing superior care to those individuals whose lives are entrusted to us.  Our primary focus is to respond to their needs as they appear.  Our dealings with them and their families will be professional, courteous, helpful and cooperative.


We hope to accomplish this mission by providing therapy techniques, information and resources that allow our patients and parents to reach goals and milestones that were once thought unattainable.

At Cross Therapy, we believe that every child deserves the best possible start to life.  We try to help each child achieve this regardless of his or her age.  Our aim is to have every child fulfill his or her potential and to help them to become involved in society as a productive participant.

We are a pediatric occupational, speech and physical therapy clinic serving northwest Arkansas since 1998.  We strive to establish a positive, professional, and child-friendly atmosphere where each patient not only feels comfortable, but also encouraged to perform their best and continue to improve upon their best.  We believe in the children and families we serve and have faith that working together with them we can help improve not only the patient, but the entire family dynamic.  We have “faith in what we do.”  We believe we can help each child and family that comes to us for guidance, support, and help.

Below are only a few of the many goals we try to achieve through our approach of sensory integration, modulated listening, fine motor/gross motor development, activities of daily living, and numerous other treatment options:
  Begin by helping the child see that he/she can succeed.
  Encourage them to try new things.
  Listen to what the child is saying, verbally and nonverbally, and give them validation.
     Help them work through these issues.
  Initiate therapy techniques to assist the child in doing his or her very best.
  Enable the child to deal with any circumstance with which he or she may be faced.
  Validate the child as an important person with opinions, likes, dislikes, wishes, and dreams.
  Enter the child into his or her new world as a contributing member of his or her society.

Each of our occupational, speech and physical therapists is licensed and has completed post-graduate training in his or her field.

Cross Therapy accepts Medicaid patients and is in network with most major insurance companies.