Speech Therapy

Does my child need speech therapy?

Without conduction of a full evaluation, we are unable to determine whether or not your child needs speech therapy; however, the following questions may help you to identify whether your child has any issues that could be addressed by a speech-language pathologist.  Please refer to the developmental milestones below for age of acquisition of tasks or for additional information.

— If between birth and 3 months, does my child cry differently for different needs?
— If between birth and 5 months, does my child turn his or her head toward a sound source?
— If between 6 and 11 months, does my child babble and try to repeat sounds he/she hears?
— Does my child have difficulty expressing wants, needs, feelings or routine information intelligibly?
— Does my child seem to have difficulty maintaining adequate breath support while speaking?
— Does my child have speech that is slurred, has an abnormal rate or rhythm?
— Does my child have abnormal vocal qualities
(raspiness, hoarseness, “loses voice” often, voice cracking, etc.)?
— Does my child grunt or yell often?
— By 1-2 years of age does my child use 2-word phrases?
— Does my child have difficulty following simple instructions?
— Is my child struggling in English or reading classes in school?
— Does my child have difficulty learning sounds to form words?
— Does my child enjoy being read to?
— Does my child tend to use gestures more often than
words to communicate?
— By 3-4 years does my child use sentences of 4+ words?
— Does my child have difficulties with certain speech
sounds (r, l, s, th, etc.)?
— Does my child speak in a pitch that seems too high
or too low for his or her gender or age?
— Is my child difficult to understand, even by family members or caregivers?
— Does my child tend to omit consonants at the beginning or end of words?
— Is my child using single words rather than, if age appropriate, phrases and sentences?
— Does my child listen to the television or radio at a higher loudness level than other family members?
— Does my child hear me when I call to him/her from another room?
— Does my child tend to cough or choke when eating or drinking?

Click here to view the developmental milestones and ages at which your child is expected to acquire specific speech and language abilities.