Physical Therapy

Does my child need physical therapy?

Without conduction of a full evaluation, we are unable to determine whether or not your child needs physical therapy; however, the following questions may help you to identify whether your child has any issues that could be addressed by a physical therapist.  Please refer to the developmental milestones below for age of acquisition of tasks or for additional information.Does my child:

— Have difficulty rolling, crawling, walking, or running?
— Have poor balance?
— Fall frequently?
— Have poor posture?
— Prefer to complete most tasks while sitting rather than standing or running?
— Have poor endurance?
— Need braces or orthotics for his/her feet or legs?
— Have weak muscles?
— Skip, hop, or gallop if age appropriate?
— Able to stand on one foot for more than 30 seconds if age appropriate?

<developmental milestones here>