Occupational Therapy

Does my child need occupational therapy?

Without conduction of a full evaluation, we are unable to determine whether or not your child needs occupational therapy; however, the following questions may help you to identify whether your child has any issues that could be addressed by an occupational therapist.  Please refer to the developmental milestones below for age of acquisition of tasks or for additional information.

— Is my child meeting his or her developmental milestones at the expected age?
— Does my child have difficulty with transitions between people, places, or activities?
— Does my child maintain eye contact well when speaking with others?
— Does my child have difficulty dressing himself/herself?
— Does my child have trouble in school?
— Does my child have unpredictable emotional outbursts?
— Is my child difficult to calm once he or she becomes upset?
— Does my child appear to be in his or her own world?
— Is my child clumsy or does she or he fall frequently?
— Does my child sit squarely on the furniture?
— Is my child able to sit for a meal relatively calmly?
— Is my child’s handwriting poor for his or her age?
— Does my child have an overactive gag, or is he or she
a picky eater?
— Does my child always run his or her fingers along walls
when walking?
— Does my child have to look carefully at what he or she is doing
in order to be accurate or accomplish the task correctly?
— Does my child have a short attention span or is he or she easily distracted?
— Does my child have poor fine motor skills (curring with scissors, drawing,
stringing beads, stacking blocks, etc.)?
— Does my child have “behavioral” issues that punishment does not seem to resolve?
— Is my child hypersensitive (overly sensitive) or hyposensitive (less sensitive)
to any type of stimulation or sensation (touch, noise, visual stimulation,
light, movement, pressure)?

Click here to view the developmental milestones and ages at which your child is expected to acquire specific task abilities.